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was the screenshot taken? Now, is one team more equal than the other? We check to confirm that the 2 teams are even stevens 9 10 states. For example, I could easily have tweeted the above (there was another version with more colourful language, but that was processed and edited out before publishing this blog and my vote would still have counted FOR Sehwag rather than against him!
Ive created a quick sample on Tableau Public below: Interact with and download the Tableau workbook here. IPL 7 Twitter Counter. From the 2019 schedule, we can clearly see that IPL fan parks are scheduled on weekends to maximum fun. The map above shows only 3 states (one very large one stretching across India) supporting kxip! IPL fan parks will cover 36 cities of 19 states of India. The issue with this form of data collection is that while Sehwag has been mentioned using the #Sehwag hashtag, there is really no way to ensure that the sentiment was a positive or negative one! But, if I do decide to use a map (choropleth, to be exact I would overlay it with simple bubble or pie charts to circumvent any visualization inference issues due to state boundaries. Surely the same information could be conveyed very easily through simple column charts?

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IPL - Indian Premier League - Facebook Fan Map debuts at IPL Facebook Seating is available on a first come best batsman in ipl 2021 first serve basis. BUT, my initial peeves with this map are: What is the criterion for shading a state Purple or Light Grey surely each state would have supporters of both teams? Wouldnt Red have been an infinitely ipl fan map better colour to clearly indicate kxip support, especially considering State Borders are light grey as well? Vote for your choice now /P3gs0x #PepsiIPL. We have included the IPL 2020 fan park entry fee, timings, tickets and address for our readers.
I cant make any reasonable inference from the map below except that the purple shading indicates KKR has considerable support as compared to kxip in East and South India. Lets back up a bit and examine some of the individual components of IPL social media activity for inconsistencies in both data collection as well as data visualization. If I were to visualize the fan information for the IPL final, I might look to do away with the map altogether! Wouldnt a current time/date on the tweet counter be pertinent? Does it represent the. Or those where not enough tweets came in? What are states shaded Dark Grey? . You get the idea of how misleading this can be, especially when even major news agencies use these as the basis of their articles (read: ml ). I am also fairly confident that no form of text processing and sentiment analysis was done to derive the true intent of each tweet.

In India, 19 million people created almost 200 million interactions. This map, created by the Facebook Data Science team, shows fans of all eight, iPL teams across India. Each district is color-coded based on which official team Facebook page has the most likes from the people that live in that district.

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IPL Fan Park, Hubli, Karnataka ( ) Choropleth a thematic map in which areas are shaded or patterned in proportion to the measurement of the statistical variable being displayed on the map, such as population density or per-capita income (source: Wikipedia choropleths are intrinsically prone to erroneous. To keep this thing in mind, IPL fans can watch the live matches of IPL 2020 on the big screen along with the similar cricket loving people. Each fans park has its own seating capacity, therefore, reach early to grab a perfect seat for yourself. Bridgei2i, connect with us : The views and bcci tv ipl highlights opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position or viewpoint of bridgei2i. Twitter Player Battles, another interesting addition was the Twitter Player Battle where fans were encouraged to tweet in support of their star player from the team of their choice in any match, as shown below for the IPL Final (Sehwag vs Gambhir).
Venues, narendra Modi Stadium, ahmedabad, view Stadium Details,. At, bridgei2i, we have designed and implemented rigorous algorithms and robust data visualization solutions for blue-chip clients using both structured and quantitative data as well as qualitative and new-age unstructured data. Why are these more prominent than kxip states? Visitors only need bcci tv ipl highlights t pay for food and beverages which are available to buy through counters. View Stadium Details, wankhede Stadium, mumbai, view Stadium Details. For the uninitiated, this kind of a representation where the geographical boundaries are colour-filled is a specific case of a map visualization called. Feel free to give us a shout with your comments about the blog post or to get in touch with us and discuss your analytics and visualization needs. Bengaluru, view Stadium Details,. India is a big country and most of the cricket fans want to watch live matches with a real crowd.

Chennai Super Kings dominate Facebook fandom. Provides, iPL, t20 Venue information. Map, address :. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru, India.

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Indian Premier League - Wikipedia 5th January 2020 backoffice, iPL 2020 will begun with a bang and all the teams are performing well. A host of interesting analysis and visualizations were used on the web on the official IPL Facebook and Twitter pages and website, as well as broadcast on TV to feed the frenzy. . Include re-tweets or unique tweets?
Facebook Fan Map, facebook Fan Map IPL 7, the Facebook Fan Map is an India map that supposedly shows a state-wise split of supporters WHO supports whom? However, there were a few glaring and some subtle errors in data collection as well as visualization and I had only begun to surmise the confusion that must have prevailed among the millions of people exposed to these. Nonetheless, I would push any nagging sense of unease to the back of my mind and enjoy the game(s) that was until the IPL Final when things finally came to a head. If so, is that margin based on absolute or percentage values? This blog is authored by Farid Jalal, bangladesh players in ipl 2021 Business Analytics Expert. Records were broken, trophies and caps won, and careers and fortunes made in a span of 6 high-octane weeks. . Player Battle IPL 7, the default format of the tweet was: Im backing #Sehwag in the @IPL #playerbattles. The commentators went with a tied verdict on the day. In 2019, RCB, RR, and MI hadt been performing well, DC and KKR seem to have lost its form after a good start.

Official digital streaming partner. IPL - Indian Premier League, fan, map was integrated with broadcast last night during the Royal Challengers Bangalore v Kings XI Punjab game. Map 1, iPL 7 match 35: RCB vs RR On close examination we find that 10 states support RCB while only 7 states support. However, the map draws our eyes towards the great states in Central and Northern India due to their geographically large size and viewers may be prone to declare RR the fan map victor, if not a tie. Park, Hubli is located at: Hubli Sports Ground, Hubli, Karnataka, India.